Stepping back from a close scrutiny of the subjects, the lens focuses on the entire face of those being portrayed. The aim now is to focus more attention on the deep psychological introspection which characterizes the subjects.
This eccentric portrait gallery defines the scope of the individual paintings to a particular category of people: the artists and the eccentric world around them.
Whether they are looking desperately for achievement or not, their uncertain faces appear on the canvas next to other young writers, musicians, critics or editors, artists of every day life, all Bohemian characters that lead a kind of disorderly life in constant search of their own paths.
There are deep practical connections to the artist's own life story: an insight into some close friends, partners in an inexplicable journey, that uncertain path of the art world whose entry point we know and yet we never know where it leads us, with illusion distorting our very way ahead.
Drawing strength from the Pop sphere, these unknown actors experience their 15 minutes of fame promised to all by Andy Warhol, allowing the general public to glimpse - and then only for a moment - those illusory barriers erected by notoriety. Their ordinary faces, side by side on the canvas and enlarged to resemble icons in the entertainment world, assume an unenviable dignity compared with those more famous.
Our respect is due to the one who is going to undertake such a difficult road, a kind of romantic promise of immortality to the person standing beside him.

There is clearly no chance to repeat the impact and the enormous expressive power shown on the faces of the previous series, but emphasizing the chromatic nature of the compositions makes up for any deficiency in this minor iconographic element.
All this leads to the predominant use of the blue tones - which in this series of paintings becomes unintentionally the most important actor of the work, surpassing the graphic depiction, relegating it paradoxically to secondary importance. For this is the colour that veils the impact of the wide-angle perspective, this is colour that injects an influential charge of spleen.
The figures stand out mainly from monochrome and anonymous bases, in order to focus the attention of the viewer on their expressions without distraction. The bases remain in focus, light and dark in an indefinable mixture outside the limit of abstraction, underlining the notion that, even though this figure belongs to reality, we are always still speaking of an indefinable and distant reality.

The Bohemian Gallery is a work in progress started during my degree-thesis draft leading to the hyperrealist portrait in 2007; the gallery is constantly updated every time I feel the need to make "mine" a person that I meet on my artistic journey.


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